Stari Most Bosnia

Another UNESCO’s World Heritage Site that every people should visit is Stari Most Bosnia. It is located in the city of Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This bridge is crosses the river Neretva and connecting two parts of the city. This bridge is an old bridge that already built since 1557 by the Sulaiman the Magnificent. But when it is already 427, the bridge was deconstruction due to the war that happen in 1993. The war is happen in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Stari Most Bosnia become the victim of the war. There are a lot of shells that hit the bridge before it is collased. The Croats spokesman already admitted that they destroy the bridge because they think it is a good strategy during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. But there is a help that come from Spanish military engineers that assigned to United Nations Protection Force to rebuilt that bridge and make a connection between both sides of the city.

Stari Most Bosnia was start to rebuild in 2001 and finish in 23 July 2004. Many world organizations, lend a hand in Stari Most Bosnia reconstruction. The organization that intervene such as World Bank, UNESCO or United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, the Aga Khan Trust for Culture and also World Monuments Fund. These organization make a coalition to help collect the fund for the reconstruction of Stari Most Bosnia. There are some countries who also lend their hand to give an additional fund for the reconstruction process of Stari Most Bosnia. And the countries who also help the reconstruction process are Italy, Netherlands, Turkey, Croatia and also Bosnian government. In 1998 UNESCO state the committee that can redesign and reconstruct the bridge. And in 7 June 2001, Stari Most Bosnia was start to be rebuilt.

Bašcaršija Bosnia

Each country in this whole world must be have a historical culture that still remain until now. Most country keep their historical culture in order to remain them to the history of each country that build each country. Most of them rebuild and remake the historical state in their country to make it look more maintained and reuse the historical state as a tourist attraction or as a museum that keep some relics of history that can tell some story behind those relics. Bosnia also have their own historical state that keep remain in the country until now. Bašcaršija Bosnia is the historical state that available in Bosnia. It also known as an old bazaar and also historical and cultural center of the city. Bašcaršija Bosnia already build since 15th century when Isa Beg Isakovic found the city. But Bašcaršija Bosnia already remain the half size because of the large fire that happen in 19th century.

Bašcaršija Bosnia is located in the north bank of the river Miljacka. In Bašcaršija Bosnia, there is a lot of important historic buildings that can tell people about the history of the city. And in Sarajevo, Bašcaršija Bosnia become the main attraction for all tourist who come and visit this place. There are a lot of places that people can see in Bašcaršija Bosnia. This place will help people to know the history of the city and also the history of the country. Many stories that can be tell by Bašcaršija Bosnia for all people who live or who visit this place for their holiday. This place also iffer people a lot of things that they can buy as the souvenirs from bosnia. People can really enjoy their trip when they visit Bašcaršija Bosnia. And most of them will get a lot of knowledge about history of Bašcaršija Bosnia.

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